Salomé Lamas

Salomé Lamas is an artist and filmmaker who has carved a unique path between cinema and the visual arts, and also between fiction and documentary. Many of her films start from at-the-limit situations, either in terms of the actual dangerousness of the agents she films (as in Terra de Ninguém) or due to the extreme conditions in which she films (as in Eldorado XXI). However, the fictional character always appears almost unsurmountably questioning or strange. In this most recent work, filming took place in La Rinconada and Cerro Lunar in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 5500 metres, and registers a saga that is also a mysterious ethnographic reality.

The work she presents, The Burial of the Dead, is the result of the re-use of film material which was not included in Eldorado XXI, “allowing the use of materials excluded from the edit, respecting the durée of certain plans that, for reasons of balance and rhythm of the whole, had not been carried out”, as stated
by the artist herself.

As a triptych, the work has a high level of immersiveness, which is present in the physical scale of the screens, summoning the viewer into an intense confrontation.

The Burial of the Dead, 2016
Photography by Jorge das Neves